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Do Your Squats!

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It is a fact that working out is great for us. Whether it is to maintain good physical well-being or simply to attain curvaceous figures, the truth is that working out should be incorporated in everyone’s life. Me, as a shallow individual (no pun intended), I exercise regularly solely to attain better physical figures. So when I wear a bodycon dress or a bodycon skirt, I would want to make sure the lower body or the so-called “junk in my trunk” is as appealing as possible. So how do I achieve that?

Squat is my number 1 exercise that I do it religiously. Doing squats helps me build my leg muscles (including my quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves). Most importantly, Squats can effectively firm up my buttocks without placing any undue train on my back. Essentially doing squats has helped me tremendously in toning and shaping my lower body.

Most of time, I only use my body weight for squats. It is simple and convenient because I get to do it at the comfort of my own room. Putting on a pair of leggings with a simple tee and blasting my favorite I-Tune playlist, I’m ready to hit my squats like a pro. When I want to increase the intensity of my squats, however, I would either use two light dumbells or simply increase my pace when doing squats. I have found both methods are equally effective and both of which would reflect great physical results.

Lastly, doing squats Squats have helped with my core muscle as well. In fact, studies have shown that the contractions that take place at your abdominal muscle are more intense than traditional crunches. So, if you want stronger, tighter abs, be sure to squat.

For all the fashionistas who want a nice and round booty, begin to do squats today. So you can rock your mini dresses or maxi dresses that contours to your curvaceous bodies. 

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